Spooky Goings On For The New Year

Hi there fans of all things paranormal and a Happy New Year.

Tonight was the first night of a new year. I (Paranormal Tony) and my wife (Paranormal Abi) were just chilling out with the kids when I got up to make some coffee.  I had the weirdest and most vivid feeling of De Ja Vu and turned to tell Paranormal Abi.  As I was telling her we heard a loud hiss of static and realised that our little travel radio that we use for static (To maybe help with communication) had, after a good couple of months of being left by the computer, had turned on all by itself.  Abi ran to grab the IR camera and she started recording.  What we captured was some of our best evidence yet.  One of the EVPs was extremely personal to myself, which made the feeling of De Ja Vu all the more important.

We have tried our best to make the EVPs louder and clean them of static, but you may need to turn the volume up as we do not heavily edit our audio, we simply raise the volume and clean them up when needed.  Except for that our video remains entirely unedited.  There are no cuts, no takes, just a single, unstopped recording.



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