Hi guys. Apologies that it is taking so longvfor our first episode to be released, I severely underestimated how long it would take to produce, edit and publish an episode whilst juggling family responsibilities.  Even a very basic production like ours takes some hefty work hours, especially as we are new to this and still learning.

However;  pondering through the video and audio files has given me a chance to spot things that we had missed the first time round. So when we publish, in the next few days, listen carefully and keep your eyes peeled. You may see or hear something we didn’t.

We are in the process of acquiring some new equipment, night vision POV cameras, better microphones and some funky t-shirts. You can’t ghost hunt without a funky T-shirt.

We are already scoping out new locations to test drive the new kit.

Anyway, should you hear a whisper in your ear, it might not be the wind blowing down the chimney. It might not be your imagination. It might just be a message from the other side telling you to watch Paranormal Norfolk by A.H.A.H Paranormal Investigations.


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