Changes to the site

Hi. Paranormaltony here.

Over the past couple of days I have been behind the computer trying to make our website as friendly as possible.  I’m not an I.T guy, so you may see some weird and wonderful goings on where the site and content placement is concerned … the site isn’t haunted or possessed, I’m just inept.

On the ghost hunting front we have been hard at it, cleaning up EVPs and doing more EVP sessions.  Tonight I want to try something a little different.  Tonight I will be visiting that old hypothesis that static/white noise provides some kind of conduit for the dead to speak through.  I always found this hypothesis quite interesting because it has been quite a long held belief, all the way back to Edison’s ghosts that he heard through the radio.  Nowadays we know that the white noise/static interference that we hear is actually background radiation from near the start of the “Big Bang” or singularity expansion.
One of the reasons that this interests me is because certain people think of spirits as manifesting via electromagnetism.  If this is the case then surely anything that uses electromagnetic energy to communicate would increase their output by going through the background radiation that surrounds us.

Well, it’s worth looking into in my opinion. Time to dig out that old stereo.


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