I am the wife of the team I am a “sensitive” which means i am someone who can feel presences I AM NOT A MEDIUM OR A PSYCHIC nor do i claim to be i just sense presences i have been touched a few times i also have been screamed at a few times i am not saying these are paranormal experiences i like to do investigations  to prove or disprove a presence.I have been a “sensitive” since a little girl i see shadow people when i was younger as i got older i lost the ability to see shadow people i do not claim to be a seer i am just giving my experiences.

We are open to comments but please remain RESPECTFUL.


I’m the other half of the team.

I spent my life completely and utterly sceptical of all things paranormal, and still am.  However; I do not disbelieve in things that are considered paranormal any longer as I have had far too many physical experiences that I cannot explain any other way.
I approach all investigations as a sceptic, always looking for natural explanations to supernatural claims …. up to and including my wife’s sensitivity.  I do this by matching phenomena with her claims (Which I have done on several occasions.)
I also handle most of the technical aspects of the investigations, and I assure you that any and all footage is legitimate and not tampered with, we are not here to fool you, only to honestly search for evidence to support paranormal claims.


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